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Gilad Ophir's (b. 1957) photographs are well-known for their critical and examining nature. They refer to historical, social and institutional processes and to natural and artificial disintegrations as they are reflected in various types of landscapes and architecture. Ophir, one of the most important photographers active in the past two decades in Israel, observes the development of social ideologies through the less-presentable aspects of architecture, i.e. in construction and collapse, as well as the relations between the means of power and regime with their products. In recent years, in addition to his dealing with the place, its crises and its cultural baggage, Ophir has developed new and autonomous processes of photographic work that combine notions of abstractions with the materiality of objects. 

Ophir’s works refer to local culture, but hold a dialogue with the history of photography, exposing the interesting affinity between American photography and the European sources of typological photography.


Solo Exhibitions

2016   ‘To Taste the Moon’, Artists’ Studios, Tel Aviv

2016   ‘Artist’ wall’, Artspace Gallery Tel Aviv

2015   ‘Unfamiliar Asia’ the 2nd Beijing Photo Biennial 2015

2015   ‘New Works: the Body Sets Out to Banish the Gaze’, Hezi Cohen Gallery Tel Aviv.

2014   ‘Your Skin is Made for perception’, Paintings and photographs 2012-2014, Bezalel Academy of   

            Art and Design, Jerusalem.

2013   'The 2013 Constantine Photography Award', for an Israeli Artist. Tel Aviv

            Museum of art.

2013   'Photographing Israel: Changing Visions ‘The Gershman Y Galleries,The Borowsky Gallery, Philadelphia.              

2010   'Photographs: Gilad Ophir', a photography and drawing exhibition in con  

             junction with “    Traces 5” -  The Biennale for Drawing in Israel.

2010   'Limited Evidence', Hadassah Academic College Gallery, Jerusalem

2008   'Smoke', Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2006   ‘Works and days’, Gordon Gallery. Tel Aviv.

2004   'Irreducible', Artists Studios in Tel-Aviv.

2001   'Necropolis', Tate Modern, London.

2001   'Leaps of Consciousness', Haifa Museum of Art.

2001   'Necropolis', Andrew Mummery Gallery, London.
2000   'From the series Necropolis', Noga Gallery, Tel Aviv.

1998   'Military Spaces', Refusalon, San Francisco.

Latest Group Exhibitions

2019   ‘Greenville’, Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art, Ramat Hasharon.
            ‘Chronicles, Haaretz Newspaper in Israeli Art’, Minus One Gallery, Tel Aviv.

            ‘Triumph of Sloggi’, Balcont Gallery, Tel Aviv, # person exhibition - joint project. 

            ‘The House of Dwelling’, Carmel Forest Art and Afar Residency Program. 

            ‘The Case Of Hiroshima’ Museum on the Seam. Jerusalem

            ‘Mabul’, ‘Contemporary Israeli Photography’, Monart, Ashdod Museum of Art.

2018   ‘Blueprint II‘ , The lobby Art space, Tel-Aviv

2017   ‘Operart’ , Noga Gallery, Tel-Aviv.

            ‘Danchob House’, Plovdiv, Burglary.

            ‘Bet Yad Labanim’, Indie Gallery, Tel-Aviv. 

2016   ‘Painting Camp, Activists’, Be'er Sheba Negev Museum of art.

2015   ‘Ich Lebe im Osten aber mine Herz ist I'm Western’, Gallery Pasinger Fabrik, Munich.                                                                       'Land Akupunktur', Duisburg 'Akzente' Art Festival, Duisberg, Germany.

2014   ‘Living Space’, The Artists House, Tel Aviv.

            ‘Neighbors, Photographs from Israel’, Tokyo Art Museum, Japan.

2013   'Re-Orientation': Mediterranean Biennale Sakhnin 2013

            'Lot's Wife: The Photographic Gaze”, Tel-Hai photography Museum, Tel Hai Industrial Park.

            ‘State of Mind’ in the 2ND Art International Biennale.

2012   ‘The Object of Zionism -  Architecture of Statehood Israel”,  Swiss Architecture Museum, Basel, Switzerland

            ‘The Left Hand – Faculties of Satan and the Work of Art', Tel Aviv, the Art Gallery of Tel Aviv University.

            'The City Show, CCA Gallery, Kalisher Tel Aviv, German and Israeli Photographers,

             exploring urban spaces, Joint exhibition.

            'Side Effects 2 city and Territory', Kayma Gallery, Jaffa.

            'Beyond Memory', A memory-aided journey to the future. Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem. Click for more..

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