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Triumph of Sloggi


This three-person affair is giving voice to a fourth entity: this exhibition.

Over a span of two years in which Bachi, Harel, and Ophir where meeting, a strange manner evolved, allowing their artworks time for acquaintance.

By providing expanse and common ground, the process enabled them to share characteristics and origins in materiality and praxis, making sense and abandoning it simultaneously.

The 'Triumph of Sloggi' is a declaration of triumph and delight in the vulnerable and incoherent.


Michal Bachi

Matti Harel

Gilad Ophir

Curated by XOSHEN group Tel Aviv:

Nimrod Astarhan

Liron Ben Zikri

Bar Flesh

Yael Pasmanik

Balcont Gallery

44 Yavne St. Tel Aviv

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